Chatbot Automation - 10+ Years of Experience

Building and customizing chatbots that convert:  

  • 9+ years of experience with chatbot builders (Smartsender,, Zapier)
  • 30+ websites with custom plugins, extensions, and themes
  • Ensuring beautiful, professional design, high functionality, fast loading, and SEO optimization

Contact Oleksii if you want to:

  • Automate marketing and sales processes
  • Improve customer service
  • Find a way to increase conversion

Oleksii can help you create chatbots that:

Christopher is an experienced senior web frontend developer with a demonstrated history of working in various industries including CRM, SaaS, Admin Dashboard, Finance Management Platform, and IoT Management Platform. His proficiency spans across multiple technologies and frameworks, making him a versatile asset to any team.

Karina's expertise encompasses various aspects of the cryptocurrency world, from investments and speculation to understanding the technical and legal aspects of blockchain technologies. Throughout her crypto career, Karina not only successfully trades in the markets, capable of closing deals with profits ranging from 10% to 80%, but also helps others learn this art.

About Me

I am an experienced business systems analyst specializing in enterprise projects. I have a degree in Mathematical Software and Information Systems Management, as well as a SQL certificate. I am proficient in various tools and methodologies for business analysis, such as JIRA, UML, BPMN, Postman, Agile, and waterfall methodologies. I can effectively collaborate with various team members, including developers, project managers, and clients. I am also skilled at writing quality documentation to familiarize clients with the results of the business analysis stage.

Oleksii is a highly skilled IT professional with over 15 years of experience. He began his career as an iOS developer and later worked as a solutions architect and head of the blockchain department in several companies.

Oleksii specializes in the development of cryptocurrency wallets, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. He also has experience working on projects involving data encryption and security.